All About Barnette’s Remanufactured Engines

Barnette’s Engines has been in the machine shop business since the early 90’s.

We build reliable re-manufactured engines everyday. Our engine are built to order for each individual customer; not on an assembly line. Our goal at Barnette’s Engines is to not only meet, but exceed Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) specifications when building an engine.

We build top quality re-manufactured engines that ship FREE locally as well as nationwide to the lower 48 states.

With full machine shop capabilities, Barnettes Engine is here to build you an engine, but “piece work” from polishing cranks, boring blocks, to resurfacing cylinder heads is available too!

Give us a call today at 877-625-6878 for an engine quote or machine work pricing and information. Or check out our site for a online price list.

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